Pallets for Sale In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

48" x 40" A and B grade pallets 

The Louisiana Pallet & Board Company is here to supply your business with high quality pallets for all of your transportation and warehousing needs. We offer delivery services to all of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Minimum order quantity is 50 pallets. 
48" x 40" 4 Way Pallets 
A Grade $12 per pallet 
B Grade $9 per pallet 
What's the difference ? A grade pallets have not been significantly damaged or repaired and the overall appearance of the pallet is good, these are best for retailers and showrooms. B Grade Pallets are still as structurally sounds as an A Grade pallet, but have been repaired in the past. B grade Pallets are the best value when the appearance of the pallet is irrelevant. 

Baton Rouge Delivery Pricing 

$250 (50 pallets) 
$450 (51 - 200 pallets)
$650 (200 - 360 pallets) 
$ 450 (360- 616 pallets)  
New Orleans and Lafayette areas add $200



Call / text : 225-773-3652