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Why use reclaimed lumber?

Reclaimed craft lumber is a more cost effective and authentic alternative to new materials. Commonly after a pallet has seen most of its use (3-5 years is the typical lifespan of a pallet), they are stripped, mulched, disposed of, or sold for biomass,  Most of the boards we sell were treated as a waste product and each purchase allows these boards a second life!  We believe that small decisions like this can change the world as a whole.

We hand pick every board to ensure the reclaimed lumber you receive is top quality. Create your pallet wood projects today with ease. Free shipping to your door anywhere in the U.S.

Is pallet wood safe to use? 

At the Louisiana Pallet Board Company, we only source heat treated, food grade, single use pallets. Our pallets transport food products, fruits, vegetables, and beverages from one location to another. These pallets were once discarded as waste until we stepped in to try and create a sustainable and recyclable lumber source. All our material is chemical free and safe to use! 

Here are some simple steps to make your next pallet wall!